Welcome to Karuna Center for Natural Healthcare!

Our goal is simple…to help you be healthy and happy.

We offer natural affordable healthcare and stress management for the entire family.


Why Natural Healthcare?

Natural healthcare is based on using the power of nature to facilitate the healing process. An innate intelligence guides the body in all its amazing functions behind the scenes. Being healthy means working with our innate intelligence with proper diet, movement, stress management, and lifestyle choices as well as addressing any interference to true healing.


What is Holistic Healthcare?

Holistic healthcare takes into account the connection of the mind and emotions to the body, and addresses the deeper causes of dis-ease and imbalance from various forms of stress such as nutrition, toxins, trauma, and emotions. Symptoms are always signs of deeper issues which must be addressed for true healing to occur.


Why Karuna Center?

The Karuna Center is dedicated to helping you on your own personal journey to health and well-being. Every person is given an individualized plan for health based on their unique history, needs, and concerns. Safe, natural treatments are used to address the whole person in addition to health coaching and stress management for prevention and long-term well-being.


About the Doctor

Dr. Suman Chaudhuri is a healer, educator, and guide who blends time-tested traditional healing methods from around the world with modern scientific clinical approaches into a truly holistic and integrative healing system. His understanding of healing and healthcare is based on ancient wisdom, formal training, personal study, insight, and professional practice. Dr. Suman’s passion is helping people realize their highest potential and being the best they can be.


Dr. Suman Chaudhuri is a licensed chiropractor from Logan College of Chiropractic and studied naturopathy at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  His personal study includes Ayurveda, energy medicine including Reiki and Qigong, hypnotherapy, trauma resolution, shamanic practices, yoga, and meditation.

``Nature itself is the best physician.``

                                    ~ Hippocrates

Our Services

Complete integrative support for the body and mind.
Regardless of the symptoms, ailment, condition, or disease, each person is treated as a unique, whole being with an individually tailored plan for healing and wellness.

Identify the Cause

The first step to healing is identifying the underlying sources of stress to the body and mind. A variety of testing and examination methods are used for this purpose, including a thorough physical, mental, and emotional history and exam, functional hands-on testing, and appropriate lab tests such as blood, saliva, and hair analysis. Regardless of the condition or disease, the root cause is usually always stress from the sources to the right.


Physical trauma from injuries and emotional traumas often heal incompletely and become sources of pain, inflammation, and poor health.


We are surrounded by physical toxins in our foods, air, and environment. People and places can be sources of energetic toxins.

Immune Stress

Apparent or hidden physical infections, foreign substances, and non-physical energies can trigger difficult or chronic immune responses which in turn can lead to allergies, inflammation, and auto-immune conditions.


Poor choices or issues in diet, exercise, posture, sleep, work, and other lifestyle areas can create tension, alter biochemistry, and create deficiencies.


Inherited genetic issues and disease tendencies as well as ancestral and pre-birth factors are all possible major factors in difficult health conditions.


Daily thoughts and worries create tension and have an immediate impact on health. Underlying belief systems and programming can cause poor choices and actions. Repressed and stored emotions are often at the root of many health issues.


Bringing awareness to the body and mind with education and mindfulness is foundational to wellness. Better choices and better reactions to stress are possible.


Physical relaxation allows tension to be released and promotes a healing state. Mental relaxation with mind focused techniques allows deeper levels of healing.


Stimulate and awaken the healing energies in the body naturally with herbs, homeopathy, nutrients, and bodywork.


Proper spinal and structural alignment is key for nervous system balance. Once the pathways are cleared, energy will flow. Aligning lifestyle choices with natural living leads to wellness.


Giving the body what it needs with foods and clinical nutrition allows for rebuilding, addressing deficiencies, and rejuvenation.


Physical detoxification is crucial in addressing toxins. Tension must be released from the physical body. And suppressed and stored emotions must be addressed with focused mind-body approaches.


The next step is to naturally assist the body and mind in the healing process. The areas of concern are prioritized with the aid of functional neuromuscular testing. The complete healing process begins with awareness and relaxation which then allows for alignment and the activation of healing. Finally, proper rebuilding and releasing of toxins can happen. The cycle repeats with more awareness and relaxation promoting deeper levels of healing and wellness.

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.``

                               ~ Plato

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Yes!  If your case qualifies for a chiropractic case, then we will gladly file your insurance.  You will be responsible for you co-payment or coinsurance once your deductible is met.

Do you offer lab testing?

Hair analysis, urinary analysis, and specific functional testing are all done in-office.  If blood work is needed, you will be sent to the local Quest lab in town with a requisition form detailing what is needed.  Imaging such as X-rays and other scans are done nearby at Vanderbilt Imaging.

New Patient Info

What does an new patient appointment entail?

The new patient appointment includes a full history, exam, and open discussion of pertinent questions and issues.  Depending on the case and if time permits, then any appropriate treatments will also be included.

How long are sessions?

The first new patient visit is always one hour long.  Subsequent sessions and follow-ups are half an hour to a full hour in length depending on the case.

Health Questions

Do you offer functional medicine?

Holistic-minded doctors such as chiropractors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists, for example, have been using various functional testing methods and treatments for far longer than the more recent functional medicine approach embraced by natural-minded medical doctors.  Functional medicine doctors primarily use blood and salivary testing to treat organ, glandular, and biochemical imbalance with natural substances.  At our office, we expand the functional medicine approach to also include the mind, emotions, and energy.

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